You’ve often fantasized about being with a woman like me, haven’t’ you? Don’t lie, you can’t hide the truth from me. I can see past your feeble facade straight into your weak aching soul- I know you realize how far beneath me you are and understand that you’ll never stand a chance with me. Knowing how hard you are on yourself, I push you to the point where you’re always down, always low and then I bring you intense pleasure – and you begin to associate your pleasure with me. Of course, the only reason I do that is to get you addicted to me, knowing your addiction will drive you straight onto your knees at my feet with your money in my hands.

However, I’ve created a clip where you will be able to hear how much I love you. How rare, and special, this treat is. Quite honestly you know how it will end already, but being desperate for that affection you can’t stop yourself from buying. Go ahead, pay for the clip and find out if I love you, or if I love you not.

Clip Description:

This is a fantasy of mine that I am living out via you. Grab your seat and buy this clip, you’re the one I’m talking to. I start out as a loving adoring girlfriend which wants nothing more than to be close to you, at least until I start batting my eyes and getting things like gifts and cash from you. Eventually you take me on vacation & I get you to put me on your will- at which point you get to see my TRUE colors!

Buy it here:

Titled “I loves you…” & is the 3rd clip down. This is the only time you’ll be able to see me being cuddly with you, so jump on it while you can. Don’t be worried though, I end it with a nice bang to your ego.



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