Before I get started I’d like to draw the ladies attention (and the boys) to a new topsite owned by the lovely and dominant MissKrystle. I’m sure all of you know if she’s in charge that it’s got to be good, and I’ve already submitted my banner so you do the same.

Financial lust conquered my day. Slowly each ounce of determined  resistance seeped from your veins, your will was broken as I hauntingly sought your secrets. My vision for your future unfolding before you and only I knew the path you’d follow. Walking towards My happiness, quenching my lust you catered to all of my whims. At the end of your journey you felt true joy in knowing you had trusted me with each and every one of your miserable truths, and I had used them only to get what I wanted. Sending you back to where you came from, knowing you would be teetering on the edge between self-hate and adoration brought me only more pleasure as I counted my treasure. Is it your weakness, your helplessness and inability to stay away or the prize at the end of the road which excites me more? I never truly know, as the adrenaline courses through my body, pumping from my very core bringing me to the brink of pleasure- – I hunger more.

Each day we will revisit this same old path my friend, and as you become more familiar with it you will be even less aware of how to escape. You’re chained to yourself, to your own downfalls, to your own sickness, to your own desires and I hold the key.

Goddess Posh

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