Wow I can’t believe the Holiday season is already coming to an end. To think, that was my fifth Christmas online with you boys! And you didn’t disappoint with the CASH gifts, which is obviously my number one FAVORITE way to be pampered. I can never get enough and as you know every day is like Christmas for me anyway, but it’s the whole season which I love and it’s just another excuse for you boys to dive deep into your wallets and serve ME.

In fact since you have been such good boys to break into the New Year I am going to give you A CLIP A DAY JANUARY! Every day of January I will release a NEW clip!!! One clip a week will be FREE TO VIP! This is going to fuel your addiction and help to start 2012 out right. You will not be able to resist 31 days of Poshy influence! I know all of you who have been waning in your servitude will come crawling back and stock up on each of the amazing files I release. Nobody makes brainwash clips the way I do. People have TRIED to mimic me, but nobody can get into your head the way I can!

All of my addicted pets will be expected to stock up. These files will be yours to loop ALL year long as you sink to new depths to SERVICE me!

Also you need to keep an eye out for some SHORT STORIES & a VOLUME II Poetry Book for your kindles!

With ME the juice that keeps you intoxicated is never-ending. You NEED more of your Goddess .. don’t you boys.

I know that you, my little London nerd, especially love this!

Also my good boy william has redeemed himself with a $200 tribute, while hardly enough it does show me he is trying & thus I am unblocking him. BUT, he is on shaky ground, so william, you will have to be a VERY GOOD worker bee & keep MY purse padded with cash!

Bookmark these clip sites for your 31 days of Fem Domme Financial Domination clips!

You've reached a portion of My financial domination website which is for MEMBERS only. My members are my Very Indoctrinated Puppets, you can be one too!

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Under the Influence

Goddess has never been more powerful. Her mind washing clips have left me broken and craving only her and her desires. I am now so desperate to click and spend that I feel it deep within my soul… I hunger for her needs and desires. Goddess Posh is all I ever think about. It has become a torture to NOT give pleasure to Goddess. My body shakes in its lustful needs to make her happy. 2012 will be the best year yet under Goddess Posh.