As a Domme I find myself wanting to encourage the other Dommes around me. I believe in females being in charge of their own lives, and that means that whatever choices a woman wants to make are her own and I have no right in judging her. Sure, I get irritated by things that I wouldn’t do, or things I find to be embarrassing behavior, but it’s still not my decision if she should be able to do that.

I’ve found it ridiculous that just because I wasn’t born in 1950 that I should be judged for my lack of experience. I would like to point out that I do have a lot of experience as both a Dominant woman to men, and a submissive woman to other women. This means that I know what it takes to truly Dominant a man and get into his head. Would I know how to make a cheeseburger taste good if I had never tried one? I think the simple answer to that is, NO!

Here are some FAQ’s:

1. What type of women have you submitted to?

I don’t submit to every woman, and it’s not something that happens often. When I submit to a woman it is because she naturally makes me feel that way. It’s very subtle on her end. She doesn’t go around professing to be a Domme. She just is dominant and her dominance puts me into a submissive head frame. The kind of submission I’ve experienced has been nothing more than me being used sexually by a woman.

2.Does that mean you can’t be a Domme to men?

No, it does not mean that. In fact it only makes me even more dominant as I know exactly what it feels like to have your buttons pushed, and I can play off of that very well when training a man.

3.Would you consider letting me watch you submit to my Domme?

4.Would you submit to any online Dommes?
No, and the reason is that it is a physical reaction I feel when I am in the presense of a woman. She doesn’t have to be stunning, or a self-proclaimed Domme. It is completely a chemical reaction.

5.Do you submit to men?
No, I do not. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy sex with men, but it just means that I don’t at all view men as having any sort of dominance over me.

6.Does that mean you are a switch?
I don’t know. I don’t get into the semantics. Submitting to a woman very rarely because of a natural reaction is hardly cause to say I am not truly dominant.

7.Does it bother you a lot of submissive men lose respect for you as a Dominant woman because of that?
No, that is their own personal feelings. Obviously, we don’t mesh. I wouldn’t be conforming and lying for the sake of forming a relationship, that would be rather fake, wouldn’t it?
However, they are the ones losing out as I am truly an amazing Domme with the ability to turn a person into nothing more than a puddle at my feet. Too bad for them.

8.Why have you flirted with online Dommes if you didn’t want to submit to them?
I found their pictures or attitude sexy and didn’t mind saying so. It’s not because I wanted to submit.

9.Did you start out as a Domme or a sub?
When I was younger a lot of men TRIED (keyword:tried) to take advantage of me, and instead I would turn the tables. This was because I realized the power I had over them. I learned from this and started reading stories and fantasizing as most teenagers do. I then started to practice domination on my boyfriends. I didn’t recognize my submissive feeling towards a woman until I was around 21 and it naturally happened with a friend of mine. I had always felt a strange feeling around her, but never knew what it was.

10. Aren’t you worried about another Domme using this information against you in an attempt to exploit you and steal your subs?
No, all of my slaves already know who I am. They are not fools. I don’t take on fools! As for a Domme trying to manipulate, control or demand things from me just because she thinks I am submissive to women, well she wouldn’t be a very good Domme then. I am not easily exploited. I have a lot of control over myself and over the people around me. I do not view submitting to a woman as a weakness, but more of as a pleasure and a gift!!

The reason I posted this blog is because I was confronted about My style of domination by another Domme. She felt I wasn’t truly a Domme because of a few reasons, but this was one of them. I hope you’ve learned something from this. We can’t all be stuffed into a box and labeled. Some of us have layers.

As for My style of FD. Well, maybe I’ll give you an FAQ on that shortly as well.

Goddess Posh

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