Alright, it turns out that when you use your heels to step on people who aren’t expecting it that it’s not as much fun for them. I didn’t know, I just kinda thought she wanted me to walk all over her but she started screaming in pain. Oops. So then I tried it on my other friend and he was also a bit offended by the crushing sensation in his feet. Oh well, guess I’ll stick with those who are ready for it.

Oh, did you know that when you go to a bar and make a man drink 2 pitchers of beer, 3 shots of vodka and one blowjob that they tend to get sick and puke? Ya. Me either. I did know it was an easy way of having my way with his wallet, which was stuffed with the cash from his paycheck. How lovely. I just let him pass out in the parking lot. Haha. He did look so cute with the whip cream all over his face. Started to make me think about using his unconscious body as a fucktoy for some paying gay boys. Would have been a great way to get even more money out of him.

My boyfriend thought it was awfully wicked of me to do that to him.

I’m not wicked! You know that don’t you. I’m an angel and you’re going to enjoy worshipping Me.


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