I’ve taken on a new pet for a two week trial, and so far he has proven to be very obedient. He has a bit of an ego, so I’m working on taking that down a few notches, but other than being defiant he’s really pretty decent. I drained him within the first few days of week one, and on the first few days of week two he will end up drained again. I enjoy thinking of new and exciting ways of keeping him in line, on his knees serving me where he belongs. He thought he could beat me, but tonight he admitted he had fallen to his knees in worship of me.

My webcam ended up dieing on me. It’s okay because I’m having a replacement bought next week. Until then you’ll just have to wait around patiently to see and worship Me on cam again.

It’s the feeling of Power, not the feeling alone but the actual power I have, which is what I adore about D/s relationships. Money/gifts are a big fat bonus that I also love, but I really get off on controlling, manipulating and using men. It’s what I enjoy, and if you don’t like that it’s not my issue.

Goddess Posh

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