While I was working on my project yesterday I had a lot of fun talking to you guys. Each of you can make me laugh, and that’s really important. Even if I could take all of Bill Gate’s money I still wouldn’t be happy if I couldn’t at least laugh every now and then. BTW, it is a fantasy to financially dominate a celebrity. I wonder if any of the online Dommes have had that experience? I would love to hear about it. Talk about an orgasm! hmm let’s see, I think I’d start with Johnny Depp, I’d so pull his hair and drag him on his knees after me, while he begged to hand over each and every dollar he has. Then I’d move on to Kevin Spacey- what can I say, I like the nerdy look. I bet he’d make such a great slave too, probably really intellectual and sarcastic, so he’d be fun to put in place. I’d have to feed him the heel of my shoe a few times. I’d then move onto Vince Vaughn. Okay the guy is HUGE, couldn’t you picture me dropping him to his knees and stepping on his chest. He’s such a baby too, he’d be begging and squirming and pleading for mercy. hahaha..




I received a great new cookbook today, “Eat, Drink & Be Vegan” by Dreena Burton. It’s fabulous! There are so many healthy and animal free recipes that I can not wait to try. Some of you may be wondering if I incorporate the vegan lifestyle into all aspects of my life, example- shoes! I do. I have shoes that are made from leather, and I still wear them, but it is from before I realized how horrible it is to steal an animals life. I guess always knew, but I never thought about it hard enough. I will be replacing those shoes slowly with more compassionate ones. My slaves know I am not a “crazy vegan”, but I just care a lot about animals, a lot more than I care for slaves.. that’s for sure.


Most of my slaves are given days of the week that they need to eat meat-free. It’s relatively simple concept, and it turns me on to control every aspect of their lives.


My one sub is so cute, I call him “Hot Sub” .. you know, like a hot sub sandwich. haha


More pictures? More videos? Please POSH Please PRINCESS PLEASE!!!




We’ll see.


BTW Mike M. you’re outta here.



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