2022 The Year I Benefit From you – Again

2022 The Year I Benefit From you – Again

My truly in love with ME, helplessly swept up in a sweet surrender of submission for Me, puppets won’t ever forget The Venus Sway or the way I melttttttt boy brains. It’s nearly impossible to stop it from hitting, that weakness, that submissive overwhelming feeling… that aching in your body that seeps to your bones, making you hurt to HURT for ME, making you NEED to bleed just for ME. For MY Financial Lust is your MUST,  your EVERYTHING, your life and your MUSE, your pathway is laid before you … 

Sacrifice yourself like never before. Empty yourself of everything you have for Goddess and become a truly useful and beneficial boy in MY world. Watch as I climb My way to the top, digging MY heels in, I’ll never stop… even as you cry out, even if you plead, I’ll keep MY eyes on MY goal and use you to benefit ME. 

I’m here to make MY life as grand as I desire, while you inferior puppet are here to thank ME for using you and giving you the purpose you crave and need. A purpose only I truly understand … 

I’ll be posting to LoyalFans for 2022. This will be your obsession boy hub where you will sink under My Venus Sway spell and fulfill your ultimate mission in life of being MY good boy wallet, MY drunk and drugged zombie… MY payboy, here just for MY financial benefit. 

Are you hungry to learn more about how I am using you puppets to dominate, control and ease My way through life? Are you anxious to hear how you’re being such a good boy for Me and that it means I get to relax, enjoy life, and build empires with no worries, no struggles, no concerns… all because I have you caught in MY Venus Sway, a puppet that pays, for LIFE! This is financial domination that comes from the soul. 


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