LIMITED EDITION CLIP is NOW available on clips4sale! Prove to me you want to be a special puppet, buy it VIP now!

Whoever sent me an email from istadium, you must have deleted the account after- I know, contacting me is SO intimidating. Knowing you will spiral out of control. You’ve witnessed the loss of control in yourself since making first contact and it’s shocked you, how already you are hooked. I have a message for you:

mmm good boy. I’m so pleased to have that effect over you. It’s obvious
you’re on the path of becoming nothing but a brainwashed puppet for me,
and that’s what you want. That’s what makes you feel SO good. All you need
to do is buy more of MY addicting files, oh and send me a giftcard.

I’m creating a COUPLE of new clips tonight. Session 3 of The Marriage Counselor- so for those of you who are just ACHING for more Posh therapy tonight you will get the chance to deepen your exposure to my brainwashing.

Also, I’ve decided to make a LIMITED EDITION clip! Only the first TWENTY buyers will get to have it, after that it will be removed from my studio so you better make sure to keep your eye out for it, or you’ll miss out. This makes that clip a very rare treasure.

Posh Throwback – remember Cherry Bomb Lip Explosion? SUCH A HOT clip! Still one of the favorites with all of my pets. Click the pic to purchase:

I will edit later with links to my new clips later. Oh how I adore this life of financial domination. Bye for now addicts.

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