My Voice My Voice My Voice

I know you hear it, the sound of my voice echoing in your dreams. It eludes your defenses, crushing your ego into frail pieces and yet that is an after thought as you lay there remembering just how GOOD it feels to give in. It’s so easy you realize, to give in. So easy to make Goddess happy, all you have to do is OBEY. Obeying feels good, and it’s the way to make Goddess happy- it’s really all so easy you realize.
Giving in is so easy you realize, as your eyes seal shut – close to the outside world and look deep within. Within your core, deep within, you find those buttons I so easily push and it feels good to remember. Remembering feels good, the way my words warped your will. The way my power zapped you of resistance, and you gave in, begged, and pleaded to give in. In fact you begged for your own demise and it was good, so easy and so good. In fact, right now you’re starting to realize you want to beg to feel MY power some more.
Right now you want more, you need more, and you realize your fate is sealed, you are forever a puppet for Posh and you want to BEG to give in again and again. It’s so easy, you find no reason at all to turn away. No reasons to back off, all that matters is this right now- this feeling I give you.
All that matters is giving in, giving in, giving in, so delicious. It’s so good to give in, so easy to give in, give in, give will give in. Again, you will give in AGAIN and pay puppet pay. Just like you remember, it is so good, so easy and you give in again. Such a good puppet, such a good boy, you love that feeling.
That feeling is so intoxicating, you are so hooked on THAT feeling. Only I can give you THAT feeling. Be a good boy, send me my money like a good puppet, because it’s so easy to obey it’s so good to obey- you are compelled to OBEY.



Puppet Updates:
Poor poor broken soul, he had a reprieve while his little girlfriend was in town but the second she left he hopped online and CAVED. All the money he managed to save up for bills went ‘oooops bye bye’ as he DRANK in my clips like a greedy drug deprived addict. He was once addicted to heroin, right paul? He got sober, spent years doing the right thing and then he found ME. It’s been three years now and he’s still drinking in that Poshy venom with a delirious look of anguish and pleasure all over his addict face. I guess once an addict, always an addict. Being addicted to ME is much safer than being hooked on any street drugs- I promise.
Andrew, my newest puppet, has fallen quickly under my spell. Usually I avoid boys who are so weak, because it never lasts. But him, well he’s going to be sticking around for quite a while. He is sincerely FUCKED by me. He couldn’t run even if he tried- he is obsessed. All day at work ‘pay puppet pay’ loops through his brain, his mind wanders to me as he mindlessly goes about his daily duties and do you know he spends ALL day long reading MY journal. How far back in the archives have you gotten Andrew?
 Last night he paid $15.00 a minute for 20 minutes of cam/mic with me in which I convinced him to BEG to be wallet raped and he did.. I heard the quiver of weakness in his voice as he begged and behind it the shock at his own depravity and inability to resist me. He really didn’t stand a chance and still doesn’t. $1,000.00 later and he is STILL in debt to me. Which that just drives him insane, knowing he owes me money. His bills don’t even matter nearly as much as paying ME off does. He owes me an additional $150 since I stayed on longer (because I was having SO much fun tormenting him). I didn’t let him know this until after, but he took it like a good BITCH. He has also been informed that he has until Monday to get it to me or it increases by 100% EVERY week. Poor Aussie was so deliciously weak for me he HAD to get money from his wife to make up for what he DOLED out to me.. and yes, like you, he’s been commanded to stay chaste.

Beans Dad has been a good boy lately too, he’s just DYING for my approval and affection. After I was in a financial frenzy today (due to Andrew last night) I called Richard and took it out on him. At first he tried to play the ‘resist her’ game but I set him straight very quickly and the poor old man couldn’t help but to send ME the money his wife had told him to use to pay the cable/internet/phone bill with. They are in marriage counseling and he admitted to being obsessed with another woman but I forgot to ask if he confessed of selling his wedding band yet. Did you Richard puppet, did you confess your wedding band was sold so you could give ME the cash?



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Yes I tried to fight. Yes she broke me like the weakest twig, again. Goddess Posh IS a she devil, an enchantress and a Princess. I hate how she breaks me but I crave it. The sound of her voice, the depth of her eyes and the swell of her breasts render me helpless. She has made me her mindless drone. I love her and fear her. I fear her wrath more than I fear my wife’s. Her sweet voice makes me purr like a cat but I don’t dare piss her off. I live in mortal terror that she… Read more »

Under the Influence

I too am finding myself completely drawn to Goddess Posh. She has shown me how good it feels to give in to her, how right it is to sacrifice for her to hurt for me. She tells me how hot it is and how good it makes her feel and I just want to do it over and over. I am yet to experience fear if her, although I suppose that will come in time. But I figure if I just keep pleasing her then there should be no fear. I can’t help but ache for her next demands. I… Read more »


Now I’ve been milked completely dry and she even has me stealing money from my wife’s purse to send to her. I can’t believe how low I’ve sunk but I love her and can’t stop.

Her greed gets me very upset and angry but it fades when I talk to her. Her voice makes me realize that she deserves it all and I’m selfish to want anything.


Lower and lower I sink as her power grows stronger and stronger. Her latest clip is the most powerful yet. It consists of hot pictures of Goddess and a session with her milking her slave, Andrew. If you are smart, you’ll avoid this clip because it is so powerful. Listening to Goddess Posh twisting Andrew, tying him up with a bow and leaving him a gift wrapped empty box made me sweat and drop to my knees. She has worked me over but never to the extent on the clip. It is truly devastating. I am in awe of her… Read more »