Clip Addicts..

Clip Addicts..

Oooh addicts, I have another new venue for you to BUY Posh material on. Already you get fucked over through- Niteflirt, C4S, Amazon, Paypal.. Now I have added a STORE FRONT right to my site! Yes! Exciting right, even for those of you who already own ALL of my clips. You know you can’t pass up the chance to buy them over again through my site. You know you’ll give in. I’m fabulous and what’s a little money compared to making ME happy. <— STORE FRONT

Also, I just started uploading files to this storefront a few hours ago.. I can’t get them all done in one night, so either wait patiently or go to c4s, but do not ask me dumb questions about why all of my files aren’t up there yet. Duh!

Speaking of MONEY, I want some- now. I always get what I want!!! I want it NOW NOW NOW. (See that, a tantrum!) Really though, I’m very eager for cash at this moment, it’s warming me from the inside out and you are such a good boy I know you’re going to send me money on paypal and amazon right NOW. I know you’re eager to give it to me, as much as I’m eager to receive it. I have been enjoying all the gifts, clips sales and giftcards but at this moment, right now, I want CASH. Be a good puppet, give it.

My clips store has been updated so check it out.

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