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Portal for My Financial Domination Money Slaves to fall DEEPER for ME.


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PUPPETS and PETS!!!! Gather your tails between your bitch boy legs and crawl to me, wallets out. I have a new shop for you boys to get busy clicking in! This is the PERFECT place for you to drop a little cash and stock up on a little mindfuck all at once! Come please me with your devotion and addiction, you know I just love setting up my traps and then watching you fall!

With this new payment processor I have more direct CONTROL over my sales, and I also get to accept payment directly on my site. No more middle man, all you have to do is click on buy now, go through the check out and bam, its YOURS! All that juicy MINDFUCK CANDY I have just lying around is yours to gobble up!

I only need TWO MORE SALES to reach my first goal! I know you want to be the one to make me happy so go ahead and dip into that wallet, pull out that credit card, and kiss your money, self-control, and brains goodbye because you’re about to become totally mushy minded and fucked over for ME!

Being a femme fatale… well it has its perks, lets just say!

Venus Sway Mind Control Shop




Broaden the horizons of your life in The Venus Sway mind control shop! The original programming by Goddess Posh is proven to wipe away the old undesirable self, leaving a clean slate for all of that deliciously intoxicating POSHY PROGRAMMING to take over!

Become the best submissive boy you can be under the powerful control of your superior GODDESS! With every clip, mp3, song, photoset or task you are exposed to you are deepening your addiction and sealing your fate as a love struck zombie for GODDESS POSH.

With MY pleasure guiding you, you’re never going to fall away from the path of submission again. I keep you in a hypnotic daze and you keep me financially fulfilled just like a good little wallet should. Now be a good boy and buy all the content available to you AND subscribe at The Venus Sway to start your journey of personal interaction with ME right now!!

Content Themes: Financial Domination Goddess Worship Mind Control Brainwash Programming FEMDOM Female Domination Siren Succubus Magic Male Slavery Tease and Denial Chastity Wallet Rinsing Addiction Femme Fatale

Copyright Goddess Posh 2007-2016 All Products are for Entertainment Purposes Only

VIP::: This year the focus on VIP will be mostly all STORIES! I am going to be posting the first erotic story of the year later this month! SO keep an eye out for the shiny story and heres another little tidbit about the erotica I will be sharing, it is not going to be ALL FEMDOM. I’ll be writing about all kinds of sexual situations, not just ones where the male is submissive.

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Venus Sway Financial Domination brainwash method



Obsession is a funny thing. Most of the time it builds up without you even noticing. Slowly you begin to think about ME more often, you check my website, twitter, niteflirt and Venus Sway portal over, and over, until soon you’re just hitting refresh without even thinking. Your mind becomes totally occupied with all things Goddess Posh. But you see, the thing is, that unless you are expressing your obsession to ME in a way which I can HEAR it, does it really count…

is it really REAL?


Or are you some loser freak that just thinks about me, fantasizing, and WISHING, to be one of MY personal pay slaves. Are you just some pathetic moron that hasn’t a clue how to act, or do you truly LOVE ME how I deserve, ADORE ME with PASSION & FIRE, OBSESS over ME with not just your mind, but your every action…


The old saying goes if a tree falls in the woods and no-one is there to hear it does it make a sound…


If the boy thinks about serving ME, adores me from a distance, loves me without sending any tribute, is he truly obsessed…


WHAT A SELFISH POSITION TO BE IN … one in which you lap greedily from my exquisite waters without ever so much as even a thank you. Careful, you will drown in  your own obsession and overconsumption while MY GOOD BOYS that have acted on their obsession are swimming in the waters of POSH with delighted dumb looks on their faces as they are so happy, so content, to be MINDWASHED by ME, SERVING ME.


How dare you come into MY wold and try to drink of MY intoxicating beauty, my amazing intelligence, my sweet charm, without ever giving ME what I deserve!!!


LUXURY beyond your wildest imagination.


I think BIG. I live BIG. I drain BIG!


Do not be just a creepy pervert looking in on me, trying to absorb me, for you will suffer greatly at never having provided financially to ME. You will suffer even more than those who suffer financial sacrifice, when they leave this world they will leave it knowing they have been close to their obsession, part of MY world, part of MY pleasure, part of MY success, and you will be nothing.


Fantasy obsession doesn’t make sense does it. Look at my poshyfool, my poshydrone, my robotoine, even my little wallet mueller, they are all able to say that pleasuring me is their reality. That serving ME is their reality. That submitting to MY will is their reality. The obsession they have is true, it has taken over every corner of their world and they are now better for it. Those who obsess solo from a distance are doing themselves a disservice, not me! I’m not dependent on male submission for my happiness, but you are dependent on ME for your fantasy to become a reality. There is only one way, come out from the shadows & pay.







when poshydrone looks into his bank account he knows how real it is

when poshyfool looks into his wallet & sees fluffy looking right back at him he knows how real it is

when robotoine leaves the hospital just to mail me a credit card he KNOWS how REAL it is


venus sway mind control programming goddess posh

Subscribe to My Venus Sway brainwash programming today, become closer with ME than ever before. With MY Venus Sway brainwash programming running through your mind and veins you will always pleasure me, always please me, always serve me, always be noticed by ME as one of MY special drones. All else are destined to be cut down and cut off!






Even my money slave mueller can say he lives in POSHTOPIA, serving me, despite having been retired for quite a number of years now. He & wifey still manage to fund my life of excessive spending & leisure !!!! READ MORE ABOUT MY PLANS FOR MUELLER INSIDE, VIP.

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Subscribe on The Venus Sway so you can become my brainwashed puppet, too!

Check out Posh Financial Domination for MY Top Ten Lists!

Login MY VIP so you can read my fun story about torturing MY poshydrone!

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A Marriage to Serving Goddess Posh

Many of you have read my Top 10 Characteristics of MY Future Husband blog post already, but if you haven’t make sure to head over and leave a comment! Lets see how many of you weak willed wallets can even come close to the standards I have set.

Are you under the influence of MY Venus Sway brainwashing yet? of course you are, just by reading my words you’ve been exposed, but you can become even MORE exposed when you subscribe at THE VENUS SWAY BRAINWASH PORTAL


Since the truth is you are most likely one of the 99% that would never be worthy of being married TO ME you need to realize something…

there is a marriage here.

There is a beautiful marriage here that is more fulfilling than any marriage to any woman could ever be.

On your slave knees you are in a marriage to SERVING ME!

Your entire being is committed to obeying, pleasuring, providing for, and serving ME. Your heart is beating to the rhythm of my desires. Your soul is lifted in the light of my eyes. Your body is ignited as you serve my will. Your mind is calmed by my constant powerful presence. Your life is complete only when you are kneeling for me.

A marriage is a combining of two things, in our case your desire to be a good boy slave, and my ability to make you into that puppet you need to be. You are here to submit and surrender to MY power, and superiority, as a loyal and committed wallet should be.

A marriage to serving ME means that your commitment to serving MY financial lust comes before everything else.

Of course its not official YET. I’ll need you to take the vows before I can accept you as one of my slave brothel. And not just every wannabe slave is allowed to take the vows and enter into the slave marriage ceremony. That is reserved for those special few that have earned a place in my inner circle with all of their financial sacrifice and dedication. Not every boy gets to be a Posh puppet but those who are earned their way in. They didn’t just feel entitled to being here with me! They respected and understood its MY choice.

I, slave name, take you, Posh, to be my Goddess. I promise to be committed to serving you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love, honor, cherish, respect and OBEY you all the days of my life.
With this tribute I wed you, with my body I kneel and worship you, and with all my worldly goods I serve you.

The ceremony would include you being collared and leashed as a symbolism of my power, control and ownership over you, you would hand over your wallet to display your submission, service and dedication to me and MY financial lust, & you would even bleed for me and sign your name with the blood. There will be a contract just like in a real marriage, a contract which binds you to serving me as my slave husband for life.

But like I said, you have to earn your way in. So are you one of the boys that can end up caged in a slaveship for me…

Only those with open wallets that keep cash flowing MY way will find out. Send me a message and tribute on niteflirt & we can talk about you becoming MY slave husband …

Goddess Posh
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Mid July and I’ve decided to bring my blog back out of its slumber! I’ve let it rest for a couple of months now as I’ve been so busy enjoying my summer SUN FUN and you boys know who gets to pay for THAT!


ALL of my personal pay pets, MY inner circle of money slaves who just can’t help but kneel in appreciation for their Goddess and give away all of the money they work hard for. While they spend their Summer mostly indoors working, I am totally enjoying myself. My favorite summer activities are… oh wait, you’re not a paying slave so you aren’t privy to THOSE details.


If you’ve been paying any attention at all though you’d know that my Season of the Siren film Puppets Nocturne Mindwash Mix has been released… only to the privileged, those who worked hard to give me a fabulous birthday! And you’d know I keep my followplus current! I post more photos on there than I ever have on here or twitter, because boys PAY to worship and adore ME, all of ME, however I am on that website! That’s why they follow. They are MY little followers, and my worker bees, sent here to obey, worship, surround, and adore me, with cash tributes and GIFTS GALORE!

The fun part is you get to pay to FOLLOW ME and be my FOLLOWBEE and you get to send me TIP MONEY every time I share any worship content! YAY more chances, more ways, for you to send my money and pay pay pay.


Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.46.44 AM

I know you want to be closer to me, and you want to add this film to your Season of the Siren collection. So you’re going to need to work for that, like a good little bitch. you’re going to need to accept how weak, inferior and helpless you truly are and present yourself to me, on your knees, tribute sent.

I’ll decide when you’ve earned it. I’ll decide when you’ve become worthy enough.


I don’t have to hawk goods to keep slaves pouring cash into MY bank account. 


Goddess Posh

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you don’t deserve me. you don’t deserve to drink of my erotic sensual and powerful energy. you don’t deserve to see my curvy feminine figure. you don’t deserve to hear the soft tones of my Goddess voice.


you don’t deserve to have access to any part of me. My day to day routine, my thoughts, my ambitions, my pleasures, my goals. This is all beautiful addictive candy to your weak male brain. Every part of me is a PLEASURE for YOU TO EXPERIENCE!


Biologically your body is wired to ENJOY ME. And because I am much smarter than you I am able to take that biological reaction and harness it for MY OWN benefit!


I am the entitled one. I am the deserving one.


KNEEL you undeserving BITCH and repent for what and who you are with your financial service.


I see you as a ball of flesh designed to WORK for me! Work to earn my money, that is what a work horse is for. Now I have shown you that you must work to make up for the faulty and flawed male entitlement you have led your entire life with!


Your life is led by  MY pleasure now.


Does it give me pleasure when you obsess but don’t tribute?



Does it give me pleasure when you disobey my orders?


Does it give me pleasure when you take yourself on vacation?



Does it give me pleasure when you save my photos for your own enjoyment?



you are not entitled to enjoy ME. you are not entitled to ME. I am not a PRIZE. I am your GODDESS, you are a work horse slave, born and bred for one thing – to fulfill MY financial lust!


Send tribute now.

My pleasure is the chain around your neck, leading you to temptation. 

I am the dominant, entitled, one and you are the servile, submissive and weak one. your finances represent more than just love and devotion to me, they are MINE. They are earned FOR ME. It is wrong to hang onto the cash that you earn, because that is stealing. Its not right to steal from your Goddess is it. Do you think stealing from ME makes ME feel pleasure? NO …

I am Financial Domination
Goddess Posh

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I exist to be cherished. I exist to be studied by curious and admiring eyes, that thirst for MORE of me, because I am so exquisitely ME.  I exist to be adored for exactly who I am, every intriguing part. I exist so that you may release yourself into a world that’s based on so much more than just a shallow lust or an exchange of power. So much more than just a kink or fetish, submitting and surrendering to your beautiful Goddess is your LIFE!

It is your sexuality. It is your soul. It is your hope. It is your addiction. It is your MERCY. It is your salvation. It is your only chance for redemption.


Because you’ve been living blindly and selfishly for yourself until the day you found me & the path into a NEW WORLD appeared, one where MY energy is the center of it all,  and it astounds you, for it is greater, brighter, more omnipotent than anything you have ever experienced before.

The beautiful EYES of an ANGEL and the manipulative expertise of the DEVIL … pulling you in so close…
Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 8.46.35 AM

There is nothing more intimate to experience than working hard day in and day out, my words and my will coursing through your veins, and your cash collecting in MY account.

MY Money Drone The Mindwash Mix Season of the Siren



I’ve always loved collecting money. I remember the feeling at 5 years old being able to count out 100 pennies from my grandpas jar. The delightful giddiness I felt then I still feel EVERY SINGLE TIME you boys TRIBUTE!




Write it down 100 times for me. ALL MONEY BELONGS TO POSH.


BURN it in your mind for ME.



Feel the words taking over your every thought.

The Word of POSH is so powerful, that is all it takes to send you spinning, spiraling, into dizzy lust filled addiction, obsession and OBEDIENCE for me!




Take a spinning spiral down into MY Vortex of Financial Slaughter and lose it allllll for me!

Oh and speaking of losing it ALL for me! You will lose your MIND and CASH when you see this list of top 10 FINANCIAL DOMINATION HYPNOSIS CLIPS on my ORIGINAL TOP 10 LISTS blog!


Dehumanized & Poshatized

Gift me with amazon and home depot gift cards to posh@poshmessiah.com Read More

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Be a good little mindless boy, and pay to follow me on follow+. Because I said so. Because you don’t have a choice. Because you’re eager for every single PIECE of me that I allow you to have. Because you LOVE me.



CUTE & CURVY Goddess PHOTOS for you to WORSHIP!


Are you one of the boys with a special worship book designed to help deepen your addiction, obsession, and submission to me… you will LOVE having these new photos to add to your collection. The more of my beauty you are able to hold in  your hands, the deeper and stronger your love for me grows. You are so weakened by me, for me, and so helpless to resist me. You want to show me what a good and addicted drone you are, so you are going to buy all of my worship photos and add them to your beautiful book of POSHY WORSHIP …

The worship book is the perfect addition to the shrine! you must have a shrine dedicated to ME, where you will kneel and pray, study my words, meditate on my desires, and worship all that I am.


Did you notice a musical word is included in each title of the Season of the Siren film series? The only one that is really ‘questionable’ is Tantric EnCHANTments … CHANT



I’ve been having fun playing trivia with poshyfool. I must have raked in well over $500 by now in gifts and cash. MY winnings! 

I let him know that when I win the next game he has to apply for a credit card to LOWES and I will then log onto his computer with teamviewer and go shopping with it. I know he is eager to keep ME happy, I know he is eager to OBEY. He is nervous about things like more debt, or wifey finding out, but you know with just the right amount of sweet POSHY venom all of that nervousness goes away, and he turns into a DRONE on a mission … I WILL get my LOWES CREDIT CARD and I will use it to give myself a gorgeous patio and garden area this summer! POSHYFOOL you are a tool made just for MY pleasure! 


Speaking of teamviewer, yes I am still allowing you boys to enjoy being CONTROLLED and Financially Dominated by me with this method. Nobody has ruined it for you all yet, so yay! All of the blackmail teamviewer sluts have managed to take me seriously, knowing that even if they tried to play any games with me I wouldn’t pander to it. Hello… I am too smart for your stupid wank games, and glad to see that all losers understand this and avoid me! Wanks don’t like experienced and intelligent women, because we see through their crap.



mindless boys

make lovely toys

the kind I love to drain

their cash and wallets


empty for me

that’s the only way

I’ll take you

I’ll make you

MY financial slave


helpless boys

make awesome toys

the best ones made of clay

their mind and body

molded for me

that’s the only way

I’ll take you

I’ll make you

MY financial slave



I’ll be the Money Domme, you’ll be the paypig


Financial Domination with me means you’re compelled to PLEASE!


Login my Very Indoctrinated Puppets, I have a special VOICE MESSAGE for you all about the hot erotic rush I receive whenever I take control, pull your little bitch strings, and make you OBEY me, fulfill my every command, and supply my every wish, want and desire!


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Pay attention to every word.

Focus your mind here, right here, only here, with ME, here, under ME, here with GODDESS POSH.
Focus your mind on every word.

Every word of mine is another GEM in your life!

A gem you will cherish and admire, with passion. A gem you will keep safe in your mind and your heart, always.

How brilliant!!! To be able able to collect and keep all of the GEMS I share!
So you will focus on these words like a good boy, attentive, and hanging onto every single syllable…

I want you to visualize yourself kneeling before me. Startled by how brightly I shine, you automatically avert your eyes. My powerful gaze can be felt on the back of your neck, as I peer down at you. See yourself kneeling there, feel yourself kneeling there, before me. Feel yourself basking in the light of my beauty and power, feel yourself weakening, surrendering, submitting. Don’t just see it, but feel it. Feel the way my words wrap around you like the most captivating chains you’ve ever felt in all of your life. Feel your ego backing into a cage, locking itself away. Theres no need for that pesky annoying thing here. Goddess is the one in control. Goddess is the one with the power.

Feel yourself reach into your pocket and pull out your wallet. Feel the rush of nervous anticipation as I reach out and wrap my fingers around it, so entitled, so expectant, and remove it from your hands. Feel yourself sacrifice to my financial lust, and see the light in me grow brighter! See the pleasure in my eyes as I run my fingers over the cash I’ve pulled out, as I collect the credit cards, as I coo at you what a good boy you are. Visualize yourself emptying every dollar you have ever earned into my bank account. See yourself falling into debt as you hand over every last bit that you can. Visualize all of your money in MY hands. See how happy it makes me to hold the cash you work for. See how pleased I am with your slave wages, yes I love to get more and more of this money you work for. See the smile spread across my face as you realize this is not just fantasy. This is reality.

My superiority is real, you feel it deep down inside and know it is wrong of you to turn away. Turning away is no longer an option as you are filled with my words, my vision, my GEMS… they sparkle, they shine, they take up more and more space in your mind, they distract you from everything else. What a lucky boy you are to have MY beautiful FEMDOM GEMS planted all in your brain. All I have to do is wiggle my hips, lick my lips, bat my eyes… and you’re fucked.

Recognize your inferiority and inability to resist. You can’t change any of this!

Realize your fantasies are materializing into reality as you click and spend on me. YES you’re going to spend on me, right now, and feel it all become the greatest reality.

KNEEL and SERVE a TRIBUTE: http://www.niteflirt.com/perfectly+posh

Have you found yourself blocked from VIP? You have taken advantage of the membership and are no longer welcome. When you tribute and submit to MY satisfaction you’ll be allowed back in.

James you sent a $100 gift card and said you hope it is enough…it is enough for me to hear you knocking at my door, but you’re going to have to knock a little louder and bring a gift if you want to get INSIDE!


YES I have KIK & SNAPCHAT. NO I won’t bother charging for my ID. All of my current slaves may add me, those who are not yet serving me, may add me after sending tribute. I will simply ignore any chat requests from those who do not!



YES I am accepting teamviewer sessions still, for SHOPPING, WALLET RAPE… whatever I WANT. Not up to you to decide what I want, is it… slave.



Looooooook here, the title for the next 3 films in the Siren Series have been released!





Don’t be a failure. Don’t deny MY happiness. Don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity to be part of MY pleasure.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 12.17.40 PM


I am a Financial Dominant, and I will be until the day I die. You will always be a weak submissive puppet and you will always need to KNEEL and SURRENDER to me until the day you die!


Goddess Posh






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Become the Paying Bitch you Were Meant to Be

Posted by Posh Goddess on Saturday Apr 2, 2016 Under Blackmail, Financial Domination, VIP

The admirer who lives here needs to know that I am very serious about cutting off all those who do not properly submit to MY authority. MY command and MY law will not be ignored or disobeyed. All shall humbly kneel for me, and surrender to MY financial lust. Your modest dwellings are going to seem like a castle to you after I get done, for you will be living in a BOX, homeless and DESTROYED if you do not accept your position is under me in service. I will be much more merciful and understanding of your financial situation when you willingly crawl to me, ready to serve, wallet open and already draining into my hands. I will be MUCH more careful with how I use and abuse you. But, if I must punish you for your insolence then you will suffer much more!!!


TAKE this as a warning! BECOME the paying bitch you were meant to be, kneeling in inferiority and worship of me,  or I will send you up to SPACE where you belong… all alone…


Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 11.05.43 AM

(do you think your neighbors would like their homes on my blog?)

Submit a tribute to me NOW or your time in POSHTOPIA is coming to a quick and final end. This is the way of the FINANCIAL DOMINATION Goddess that you are so obsessed with, so you have no choice now but to surrender. Remember, you are going to be headed straight for SPACE if I don’t start seeing the money rolling in…

Goddess Posh



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Oh boyssssss I’m offering the rare treat for you to take me VIRTUAL SHOPPING! It’s time for you to buy ME more SPRING/SUMMER clothes, lingerie, and whatever else I feel like nabbing. This means you’ll be able to experience a TEAMVIEWER session with me! I haven’t offered teamviewer in years, but when I did it before I loved it. I only stopped because it became WORK thanks to all the WANKS that try to take over in the teamviewer world. Its work just to keep them from harassing you, once they hear the word teamviewer they come running like zombies…

like ew, I need a flyswatter!

You can ONLY EXPERIENCE a teamviewer session with me AFTER you tribute $100 and I know you are going to be bringing a nice big fat wallet for me to drain. I’ll be taking myself shopping at your expense, so it’ll be almost like you’re taking me shopping in person! Carrying my bags, swiping that credit card at every shop… such a good bitch boy. This is all about MY getting MY way with you, as you helplessly watch. At first you are watching as I pleasure myself at your financial expense, but soon it become ABUSE as I push and push your limits. I force you to watch as I drain more and more, taking whatever I want, as you comply. Because earlier, before all of the shopping, I found some dirt on you on your computer, and I have the evidence in MY possession now… so now… now you are really trapped for ME!


I do whatever I want on your PC, so don’t come to me if you’re looking just to wank off over blackmail fantasies! I don’t have time or patience to play dumb games, and that is all you blackmail rejects ever want to do.


Now it would be fun to get on your computer and install a keygen so I can watch your every stroke of the keys, every click of the mouse, and trap you with all the juicy info I dig up!

I’m going to victimize that wallet time and time again, and you’re going to thank me for it!

LOGIN VIP for the private link to the full hour Season of The Siren film Erotic Fusion. Read More

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