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Money Slavery to Goddess Posh is not the question, it is the answer.

puppets go where I tell them to go

Boys,  CLIPS UP FOR SALE:        You know your mind goes where I tell it to go.  You know your wallet is drained how I desire it to be drained. For instance, poshyfool was allowed to make love with his wife and give HER pleasure and tribute me 1k each time to give […]

Persuasions of Love

Boyyyysssss, Come to ME, crawl to ME, you need an Enchantress you see. An enchantress to warp your mind and hold you under HER CONTROL… .and that is exactly what I am going to do with you in my new series Era of the Enchantress. The first clip of the series is now available for […]

A Financial Domme to Drain you for Life

Hello puppets and pets! Wow another month has flown by so quickly, as it always does for me since I spend my days creating the art I love, draining the pets I have chained up, and enjoying whatever I want from this life. I am very privileged and I gave this to myself. I could […]

Financial Domination Goddess Says OBEY SLAVE

What a YO-YO for ME you’ve become! Look at you my little plaything, you’re just a toy waiting and hoping to be taken out and played with. You want me to whip you this way and that way, here and there, making you perform tricks for me one after the other. You never know if […]

Beautiful Breast Worship Exclusive Clip

Era of the Enchantress Update!  This film series was due to be released in August but I’ve delayed it because I am still making it JUST RIGHT! These are NOT clips to play around with. These clips contain MY Venus Sway MAGIC that will literally put a SPELL on you boys so I am not […]

Tributes for your Financial Domination Goddess

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All in My Name

Oh what have I done.
I’ve become an addicts most beloved drug.
The needle so prettily sits in my clever grip.
In my hands it so tenderly strip… strip… strips…
all his weak will  away.

Oh what have I done.
I’ve become the intoxication in his lungs.
Inhales slowly enjoying the burn of his favorite fix.
Relaxed even as I make his mind drift… drift… drift…
away to the Venus Sway.

Oh what have I done.
I’ve become the angel in white with the Siren songs.
My sweet temptations are like the crack of a whip.
The helpless boy bruised and broken as I rip… rip… rip…
every bit away.

Oh what have I done.
I’ve become the chalice from which he drinks til he’s drunk.
Opens up so eager to pour my poison past those lips
He doesn’t notice as the money starts to drip… drip… drip…
his wallet sliced open with perfect precision
the cash from within flows like blood from his veins
all in my name.
All in my name.

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So Sweet Danger Photo Set
you will worship my holy beauty, and love when you break.

What an intense mindfuck to have ME with the sweetest face doing the most wicked things to you & your wallet. Behind these big blue doe eyes and cherub cheeks a cunning mind is focused on one goal: to financially enslave as many paypets & puppets as I can, prospering from the use and abuse of weak willed wallets

Yes you will be helplessly ensnared with all things Goddess Posh, just as so many boys have been before you. This is where you will find yourself being emptied of your cash over & over. This is where you will be tangled up in a love spell and lost in my eyes so much that you’ll mindlessly, CLICK & SPEND, again & again! Nobody can resist the power of MY original method of brainwashing, The Venus Sway. I’ve used it to keep countless men kneeling, wallets out, obsessed and on automatic for years. I have an army of male slaves ready to do anything to please me, and now you’re exposed too and will end up just like they are …

You want to be my own personal paypet that I manipulate, extort and control. You want to be under my magical spell, so in love with me, so helpless for me despite the financial risks. This is where you go when you are ready to hand it all over… your life, your money and your soul.









Lose yourself to The Venus Sway™
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  • It's time boys.  Era of the Enchantress is here. Available in my Niteflirt store today.
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Suffer for Me. 
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You've reached a portion of My financial domination website which is for MEMBERS only. My members are my Very Indoctrinated Puppets, you can be one too!

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