Financial Domination Mind Control by Goddess Posh

My Luxury is your Prerogative

You will enter and experience financial slavery to the beautiful mind of a cunning and superior hypnodomme. It’s a temptation you can’t resist, to be at the beck and call of a financial sadist who thrives from the rush of controlling your wallet. Financial domination is who we are, who we BOTH are. You are the weak-willed marionette & I am the powerful manipulator.

Most men just can’t get enough of my mesmerizing blue eyes and baby doll face- and neither can you. The combination of my innocent seduction and wickedly deviant mind is too much for a submissive puppet like yourself to handle. You will break. You will crumble. You WILL sacrifice. It’s simple really, naturally I am your superior Fem Domme and you’re the inferior boytoy whose brain is ripe for the mindfucking.


My compelling ability to wrap you up in my silky smooth voice and make you LOVE your own financial destruction is unparalled. Being My vulnerable money toy is all that a pay pet like you could ever dream of. Knowing that I so nonchalantly receive your hard earned cash donations and then hastily blow through every last cent drives you crazy for me, doesn’t it. It makes you more weak and it makes you NEED and CRAVE my greed!

Human ATM’s & financial slaves will show their appreciation for My even allowing you to visit and obsess on My website. Just know, it’s too late for you now. Once you’ve gazed into My eyes, I’ve got you. You want to pleasure me, and you want to be a good boy. It makes me SO happy and I know you simply adore making ME happy, don’t you My pet.

I believe MY luxury is your prerogative. Why shouldn’t it be? I am purity, beauty, bliss.. I am an enlightened soul with a beautiful & creative mind, you want nothing more than to bask in MY power & SERVE.

It’s a gift that I allow you to gaze upon me, to hear my voice, watch my videos.. it’s a gift that I allow you to serve Me with your wallet. It’s truly wonderful to give a stunning creature like myself pleasure, isn’t it.. you can’t pleasure me through any other means, now can you.

Even if you could, I’m the Goddess so it wouldn’t matter.. because what pleasures me the MOST is your financial sacrifice. The suffering, the loss of control, the total submission of yourself to MY will.. mmmm!!!

I love to use My powerful creative mind to warp yours, it’s not that it’s easy for me and therefore simply amusing, but it’s actually a thrill to overcome another persons will to the point where all they can do is COMPLY. No questions, no doubting, just simple pure adoration and obedience. It’s a beautiful, beautifulllll, thing!

I’ve been living the wonderful lifestyle of Financial Domination for years & I can’t get enough! I deserve MORE, don’t you think..

I know you want to take that first step into Poshtopia and feel the bliss of losing yourself to My desires, My greed, MY beauty, MY power..

Send your first tribute as an giftcard to then email Me .. I want to meet the boy that made my body tingle..

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